Why natural?

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

It may seem obvious why you should choose natural products over those with harsh chemicals in them but there are plenty of people still buying them. Natural products, as they sound, are made with ingredient found in nature.

Women put on average of 169 chemicals on their body each day according to the Environmental Working Group in America. Whilst men who typically use fewer products still put 85 chemicals on their body day each and every day. Many of these chemicals have not been tested for their long term effects on your body.

My journey to natural

As a child I had eczema quite badly. I tried all the chemical treatments and although they offered some relief it didn’t go away. I was told that I would grow out of it and mostly I did. However I still get bouts of eczema now. Sometimes due to stress but other times due to environmental factors. So I started looking into what I was putting in and on my body. Once I started researching I was horrified how many chemicals I was putting into my body. Your skin is your largest organ and acts as a barrier but it can only do so much and many chemicals in your beauty products leech into the blood stream.

I started my journey for cleaner, greener products by cutting out products that contained parabens and sulphates as these seem to irritate my eczema. Lucky there are many products on the market that don’t contain these chemicals are people are getting more conscious of what they put on their body.

Next thing I looked at was my make-up bag. Mineral make-up was the obvious choice and I opted for a vegan brand as well. I don’t wear a lot of make-up so it was easy for me to swap the few products I use. Full disclosure here I still use some products that are not natural as I would rather finish them than throw them away. I’m still searching for the perfect mascara, as I find the natural ones tend to end up under my eyes rather than staying on my eyelashes. It’s a work in progress and I will continue to replace my old products with natural ones.

Better for the environment

Natural products are not only better for you but also for the environment. If those chemicals in commercial beauty products are bad for our skin imagine what they are doing for the environment. The chemicals in your products wash down the drain, into the local waterways and eventually in the ocean. Many of these ingredients, such as petroleum and aluminium, require extensive mining. These mines are ruining the landscape and precious forests like the Amazon. Natural products work with your body rather than against it so they are especially good for people with sensitive skin.

Ingredients to avoid

There are plenty of products that are labelled ‘natural’ that may still contain harmful ingredients. Even some products that are unscented contain fragrances. The cosmetics industry does not have to list the ingredients that are in their fragrances, so we have no idea what they may contain. To be sure the product you choose is natural you have to read the ingredients. Ensure you know the difference between ‘naturally derived’ and natural, there is a difference. Naturally derived ingredients may still be chemically treated, which defeats the object.

These are some chemicals to look out for and avoid.

· Parabens

· Petrochemicals


· Artificial Fragrances/Parfum

· Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate

There are loads of beautiful natural, organic beauty products for you to choose from that really work. Once you have compared the way your skin feels and looks after using natural products you will never go back.

Disclaimer - All of these blog posts are personal opinions I’ve developed after researching different topics on my own. Whilst I do my best to share information with you I am not a doctor or scientist so please use your discretion when taking any of the advice and do not take my advice over that of your doctors.

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